FSX Converting DEM to GeoTiff?

I'm delving into the world of FSX terrain mesh for the first time and I've ordered some SRTM 1 Second Digital Elevation Model data from Geoscience Australia, it takes up to 3 days to process apparently.

The SDK Terrain and Scenery tutorial talks about converting DEM to GeoTiff before running it through the Resampler and mentions free converters available on the web but I can't find any.

I know some people use Global Mapper but it sells for over $400 US at the moment.

Am I on the right track here or can someone point me in the right direction?
1 arc sec might not be any better than what is in FSX currently. I used 1/9 arc sec for Block Island.

You can get better from here http://viewer.nationalmap.gov/viewer/ and most is public domain.

Download the Image files and you can gdalwarp it to geotiff which you can use in resample as an elevation type.

When you resample it you can also "crop" it by stating the coordinate extents in the destination part.
Thanks for the reply Shaun!

I tried your link but I think that site only covers the US, when I tried zooming in on Australia it didn't show any detail or let me select an area.

Currently the best FSX Mesh for Australia that I know of is AU HolgerMesh which is 76m resolution, LOD9 I think. The DEM offered from Geoscience Australia is about 30m resolution which is one LOD up.

I've heard of gdalwarp in my searches also but I'm still not sure what it is. Is it a stand-alone program or do you use it as part of something else?
You may want to create your own, but there is freeware Australia Mesh at 30m resolution available from Simviation:


There are several files named 30m_mesh_Aus_Northern_Territory_V2.zip, 30m_mesh_Aus_NSW-Vic-Tas_V2, 30m_mesh_Aus_QLD-North_V2.zip, 30m_mesh_Aus_QLD-South_V2.zip, 30m_mesh_Aus_South_Australia_V2.zip, 30m_mesh_Aus_WA-Great_Southern_V2.zip, 30m_mesh_Aus_WA-Kimberley_V2.zip, and 30m_mesh_Aus_WA-Pilbara_V2.zip.

There was also an announcement a while back from whoever releases the SRTM dem data (USGS I think), that 1 second elevation data was to be released for the whole world, although they were doing it country by country.


A lot of DEM data I have downloaded in the past has already been in Geotiff format, and will have a .tif extension. Not all data will already be in Geotiff format, but a lot of it will be. It will usually be named like "etcetc_xxxx_dem.tif".

It may need to be reprojected to the EPSG:4326 WGS84 projection which is required for FSX mesh, which is where you will need to use gdalwarp. You can use either FWTools for this if you are comfortable with, or willing to learn command line functions, or you could try QGIS, which has a lot of the same functions, but does not rely on command lines. Both programs use the same (or similar) gdal functions.

Ah, thanks so much everyone.

Downloading the 30m Australian Mesh now, can't wait to check it out and will definitely download the GDAL tools as well as I'm sure they will become an integral part of my scenery designs in the future. Two thumbs up :)