Converting drivable .MDL files to AI

How do I convert a drivable .MDL object to AI to be used in AI Carriers or as AI Traffic. I know I have to remove the panel, edit the sound, interior.mdl if included and edit the model.cfg, aircraft.cfg and create a sim.cfg.

my question is how do I go about using model converter x to lower LOD, reduce texture size to make the model more fps friendly also create night textures and add to the model if it's not available

Also the smoke system in the aircraft.cfg do I copy that section to the sim.cfg or can i paste it under the effects section in the sim.cfg and use it as a effect. Thanks I would greatly appreciate the help.


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To Create LOD models press the Generate LODs button. At the top left you choose your main LOD (usually 100) in the From LOD: box and choose your lower LOD number in the To LOD: box. Tweak the settings in the properties box if desired. Then press the Calculate button. In my experience it does not typically yield good results for aircraft; they are changed in shape too radically, not just simplified. If there was a way to limit the new model to the actual shape of the old model and not escape beyond it that might work.

To resize textures click the Material Editor button, go to the Textures tab and right click the size of the desired texture. Choose Resize and pick the desired texture size.

ModelConverterX will not create night textures for you, you have to do that yourself. Once you have done that, you can add them by clicking the Material Editor button, clicking on the desired texture/material at the left, scrolling down the right section to the Textures, and adding the night texture name to the Emissive Texture slot. You will probably also want to change the Emissive Mode near the top of that list, I typically use MultiplyBlend or MultiplyBlendUserControlled, but you be the judge of the results.

I don't believe you can use the Smoke System for AI aircraft - when you press the I key all planes will start smoking, I assume. I'm not sure what effect you would assign it to in the Effects section.
Do not use the sim.cfg. Keep using the aircraft.cfg though you may have to make some adjustments in there.