FSX Converting from P3D to FSX... a no show!

So I am converting a light model I created several years ago. They work in P3D's but not in FSX or FSX SE. So I figured I need to I just need to create a version with the FSX bglcomp and all would be good. So far a no go. Here are my steps:

1. Use the MCX Wizard " Convert and Place Obect".
2. I Select the P3D bgl version (maybe I should use the .mdl? - will try next)
3. All shows correctly in MCX.. model and the matching textures.
4. I have installed FSX and the FSX SDK (v2.0) and paths have been set correctly.
5. For placement I am leaving the LAT and LON at 0.00000000. I use another app to place the lights and get the geo from that then scenPROC it for the .bgl. All works for P3D versions. I can't remember if I need to have some dummy lat/lon in MCX or if I can leave 0.0?
6. I Press convert and the models and matching textures are created. Bgl and .dds textures, one for day and LM for night. But lights not showing up in FSX or FSX SE at night.

Couple of observations:
A. The finished bgl is 43Kb while my P3D versions are 86Kb. Half the size... seems wrong?
B. When I go back and click on MCX I get an "Unhandled Exception" which crashes MCX. Attached is the report. (Could this be related to my "no show"?)

So I figured if it is processing correctly it must be a mis-match on the GUID. They check out comparing the model GUID against my 'default.xml' file I created adding my custom objects. I am using the model's GUID and not the CLASS Guid of the model, but I have tried both ways.

Anyone who uses MCX regularly do you see any issues with my process? There must be one, ha! :eek:



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The error in something in the preview renderer, the actual file might still work in FS. To see what goes wrong I would have to debug with the MDL.

I would not use the convert and place wizard in your case though. If you place the object at 0,0 it will be geo-locked and you can't place it everywhere you want. You should just make a library BGL without any placement information.

Probably the easiest is to just load your P3D library and then use export scenery to save it as a FSX BGL file.
Wow, quick reply! Yea, it's been so long since I worked with MCX that may be what I did in the past was first create it as a library object and then converted it to autogen. Will look at that when I get home.