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Could really use some help...with trees...


The seasonal colors looks fine without the suspicious file... ( I don't know really w.t.h. does into the scenery, but I'm sure one goal should be...)

About the colour of the river's water, remember that in reallity is light brown... (Actually I am out of home to see how looks original in my FSX)
In some place of my site there is a texture (for FS2004, but can be converted) with the name "rio_claro.zip".

Greetings all.
Ok.... Personally, The water is fine. On an overcast day it is brownish grey due to the reflection of the grayness in the sky.
On a clear day it has a little blue mixed in the brown for the same reason.. reflection. At any given time I can do a top view and it will be real mud brown which its true color.
The seasons, based on the latitude don't get quite yellow in the summer like say California's dry grass field in mid summer... Things are mostly green in summer losing brightness and ending rather dull green in winter with dry patches scattered around like the golf course which was dead winter here in Buenos Aires.
What still bothers me are the reasons the two files where made.. I think one was for some exclusion which failed based on properties. That could just be an oversight in the design phase and raised its ugly head when ORBX Populated it with its trees.
But one of the files may have some other intent that has to do with the BsAsX or something else...
Hopefully we can find out...
Daniel, Can you ask one of the authors..? I cant reach them.

Here are my river pics with ORBX running and SABEX running default.

I like the results.
The first time I installed this scenery back in 2013 I knew I had it with no trees on the runway. When I went to check it in my last reinstall (2015) I found those darn trees. So I searched the Internet and found these posts. I reinstalled FSX from scratch in a test machine just to find out that indeed THERE ARE NO trees. I then installed SBuilder. It asks if you want to change TERRAIN.CFG. If you do, then you get the trees on SABE runway. Comparing the original TERRAIN.CFG file (only FSX) with the modified one (FSX + SBuilder) I found out that a LOT of modifications have been made.

Guillermo Schleimer found out that renaming (CvxPHC_Base_Kml.bgl) to (CvxPHC_Base_Kml.off) fixes those trees. However, the best solution would be that the original developer modified this file.

I have (or we all have) the same problem with the Default.xml, AutogenDescriptions.spb and other files located in \Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Autogen. Developers ignore other developers work and simply overwrite existing files with what they think is best for them. Master of All Masters, Arno Gerretsen, developed Autogen Configuration Merger that merges these files but I only found out when I practically finished installing over 300 products. Should I have known...

I found the same problem with Aerosoft Berlin Tegel. There's a bunch of trees in the runway and taxiway.
So maybe someone can answer this question.

Why does Luis have a option for SbuilderX to change the original terrain.cfg?


So maybe someone can answer this question.

Why does Luis have a option for SbuilderX to change the original terrain.cfg?
To remove the weirs in the river Thames (amongs other things.
There seems to be a lot of different terrain.cfg files available at various sites that claim to cure problems for the FSX original file.


Is Luis file any different then the one Richard Ludowise and Luis Feliz-Tirado did back in 2006?

I trying to figure out which one I should be using.