P3D v4 Crash on changing airport data

I'm currently trying to change the ICAO for my flightplans in South Africa to use the new FAOR code for the Johannesburg airport. I have to do this since apparently Lockheed changed the code P3D uses for the airport at some point and therefore there is no AI traffic using Johannesburg anymore since they use the old FAJS which doesn't exist in the sim anymore.

Unfortunately when I try entering the new airport data in AIFP it crashes every time I click "Apply Update". I already made an entry for FAOR in the airport.dat by manually copying the entry for the FAJS ICAO and pasting it with the new FAOR ICAO to see if that fixes the issue, but that did not help.

Below are two screenshots attached that show how the Airport Editor looks before I click apply update and the error message that I get.




Resource contributor
This is a known issue in the current general release (any country/airport/city name containing a space or hyphen) and has been fixed in the latest DEVELOPEMENT release 3.2.15(l).