FSX create my own aircraft with Blender 3D

Helo i am yanto from indonesia. New to FSX game and the developer. I am a freelancer of 3d visualization which using Blender 3D. one of my client want to create a custom aircraft for FSX.
I have a several question...thanks before for help to answer my questions.
1. Where i can buy original FSX or P3D game simulator and which version so i able to make my own aircraft. Because i already download FSX demo version, and i unable to make .MDL file with model converter X or use add on fsxtoMDL in Blender 3D to create .MDL 3d model. The add on was error may be because i dont have SDK in my computer.
2. Can i make .MDL file without buy the FSX or P3D game simulator?

dave hoeffgen

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1. You can buy FSX via Steam, just search for it. It will be difficult to find the old boxed version nowadays, unless some local stores still have one. P3D can be purchased at prepar3d.com.
To export an mdl file from Blender you will need the simulator's sdk. It can be obtained from the P3D website. See also this subforum https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/forums/sdk-installation.111/
2. Technically you should be able to install and use the sdk without having the simulator installed, however developing an aircraft will involve a lot of testing so I don't recommend that.

For aircraft development in Blender see also this series of youtube videos made by @krispy1001:

Good luck!
How would you test the model file in the simulator?

Small side note, you can 'rent' a month of Prepar3D. Its either $10.00 or $20.00 for a single month of developer edition. Great for testing out on computers if you were thinking of getting it. Then you could test it in the sim as you are finishing the model.
I see on Ebay, they have used FSX for sale. One is $20.00. Not bad. Might find it cheaper in some garage sale apps like OfferUp and LetGo.