FS2004 Create new airport

Construct problem for an new airfield/airport :
I want to build a new aifield with the coordinates of the FS 2004 : N30 x 36.91' and W 120 x 8.97' the ADE 170 didn't get thes coordinates when i am beginning the working.

Is threre anybody who can help me ? Is there any program to change the data into the data of the ADE 170 ??

I'm guessing this is about the format of the coordinates?

Just tried it, it seems to work for me. Just enter this in the coordinate boxes of the New Airport window:
N30 36.91 and W120 8.97

Make sure there's a space between the degrees and minutes.

Why are you doing on the Pacific Ocean near Mexico coast? No island no mainland. or you just for an example coordinate. LOL