P3D v4 Creating a animated flashing stop light

Paul- Has anyone helped yet? I have a darn good answer for ya.
I have made wig wags.... and flashing neon signs. What do you want? either or both?

As you may know, a wig wag is like... two red lights or yellow lights. one flashes once then stops and then the other immediately flashes once and all this repeats.
Put this attachment (it is an mdl) onto desk top Make sure both textures are there also. Open the mdl in Model Converter X click the arrow for animation. You can switch over to night view also if you wish.

Now- you can add this in Library maker for Instant Scenery to make it a BGL and put this new library (of one item) into your scenery and put the textures into the corresponding texture folder and viola - you're done.

Or put the mdl into a mdl folder then go to ADE and load it into your list of mdls then place it that way. Mostly likely you know all that stuff.

This is one I made. Want to know how? answer here and/or find me (Robert Lacy) on Skype.