Creating a whole small island.

I will be able to obtain a superb ultra high definition photo of Little Whale Cay within the next two weeks, being such a small island. Yesterday, after coming back from grueling chemical infusion I started thinking (yes, even in pain) about using a method I tried at North Bimini to create elevation in certain marina areas and using a high def commercial image as ground texture and just placing vegetation and buildings on top. It worked well for me.
So, last night I was up late experimenting and did the whole island layout with my current imagery in Sketchup, placed building and vegetation, etc. It seems that soon after, around 1am, brain farts started, lots of them, as I could not figure out how to deal with an elevation problem. I tried deleting the current flatten, but no matter how I tried, I could not get rid of it, nor could I get the airport elevation right for custom textures.
I seem to remember coming across someone being able to add custom airport ground textures with sketchup, is that possible? How would I deal with a hard surface?
Also, I am embarassed, but if someone is kind enough to refresh my tired mind as to the steps needed to eliminate a airport background flatten, it would be great. Thansk!!



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It sounds to me you may have more than one file that is active at the moment - find both and delete one.

You can use custom Ground Polygons created with Sketchup, and placed using the Ground Polygon Wizard in ModelConverterX. These can use custom textures. I'm not sure what you mean by a hard surface, but you can taxi on them if you create taxiways and apron routes in ADE (they will hide underneath the ground polygons).

I have a short tutorial on using ADE for a special reason (converting FS2004 airports to FSX), but it includes excluding the airport polygon. This however, does not remove the default flatten - AFAIK you must place a new flatten file on top of it to change the elevation. I also do this in this tutorial.

Hope this helps,
I thought the same about having more than one file active, but I was not able to find any. Perhaps today with a bit of rest behind me I will have better luck. Sorry, I meant what you described about hard surfaces. Thanks for the tutorial Tom, and for the advice given, much appreciated.