FS2004 Cross Runway Landing

Have used ADE to enhance PRG airport - (in stock only two runways 24/6 and 31/13). But I also opened existing 22/4 (closed in the stock version) and made it parallel with 24/6. So depending on the wind direction the landings/takeoffs are either on 31/13 or on both 24/6 and 22/4. Works great.
Here is where the mystery starts. After downloading static weather I was on IFR told by ATC to expect land on 31. All OK, intercepted ILS and cleared to land 31. Suddenly I hear ATC clearing another aircraft to land on 24. I thought I did not hear right but sure enough when I got closer, I saw the Airbus approaching 24. It never happened to me that the landings are on both non-parallel runways. Any clue how can this happen. This is not a fault, just bit of curiosity on my part.
Hi Tom,
no I did not, just 22 and 24 are made parallel.
But I have reset and saved the question flight after I encountered this anomaly and when flying it again I am now cleared to land on 24 as all other aircraft.
So it was some king of a glitch or perhaps I had a momentary lapse of reason.