FSXA Crosswind Runways Not Working


My project airport has 3 runways:

All linked in the AFCAD etc as shown in the attached file

However - regardless where I set wind in FS - it always spawns me on either 28 or 10.

Any help would be much appreciated2019-10-08 15_22_47-EGBG Mod FSX (AFX_EGBG.bgl) - AFX.png


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Does 10/28 have ILSs and the other runways not? If so, FS will give priority to that runway unless the wind exceeds a substantial speed.
Probably because its the longest runway, also the type of aircraft used may come into play, only small props will generally use those shorter runways
4/22 and 15/33 are very short, so by the way they are coded my never get activated.............
if the airport has ATIS (if not add it) bring that up and see if it calls out all runways in your list, of fly their heading to see if you get them offered or park next to the shorter ones for takeoff.......
your setup list looks ok
BTW which airport is that? have they all got "Starts" I've come across a few small airports for some reason that cant be activated
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Shouldn't really get traffic larger than a King Air 350 here - most of the traffic should be PA28, C152/72/82 etc

It's EGBG - there are no official SID or STAR and it does have a start point on each runway (6 start points)

I do however give up with this - it's really not my fault FS ATC don't know how to work - something beyond my control and only so much I am willing to do.