Custom taxi signs and custom lighting developers needed (Paid job)

Hello all,

Currently our team of developers is looking to expand (Yet again). By assigning developers to a specific task, it takes less time to complete, and the more one developer can focus on a specific task allowing for better work. We currently have a total of 3 developers working on KMHT, we are looking for at least 5. Since the scenery needs to follow these requirements: , it makes it rather difficult to do in a timely manner with just 3.

So far we have 1 developer doing buildings, 1 doing taxiway/ground texturing and 1 doing photoreal work. This is where the 4th developer comes into play, they will do the custom taxisigns and lighting, as that is needed for the scenery. A 5th develop might also be handy, as placing taxisigns and doing lighting for just one dev is a bit of a task. Texture sheets have already been made and will be provided for the custom taxisigns.

This is why we ask here, as there are many developers here willing to do work. As for the payment, the comes in once the product is on sale. If you have any interest on helping with this project, please send me a PM or reply to the topic if you need clarification.


Ryan C.
KMHT Project manager