FS2004 CYWG James Richardson International Airport - Winnipeg Manitoba Canada

Beautiful... i really love it... I'd bought the scenery if it was a payware... really nice product and work.
Still can't wait for the release... I am really curiouse to test it. But it's even more worth the wait... from every update to update...

Keep up the good work!
Since the last update I've had a few speed bumps that slowed me down, including some family health issues and most recently a computer failure. But I'm back in business now. I've been working on improved resolution of the taxiway and runway textures, edging of the paved surfaces, runway and taxiway lighting.

Here a few screen shots to show the work in progress of those aspects of the scenery. As you can imagine, the placing hundreds of taxiway lights took some time. The blue taxiway lights and amber apron entry lights are bgl type lights set with a distance condition. As some of you know, bgl lights are not like the default airport lighting in FS9 so must be set with conditions to come on dusk to dawn. I've set these lights so they can be activated during the daylight hours in poor lighting conditions by tuning a radio frequency. I've included a screen shot of fogged in condition with the lights activated. I used SCASM type lights for the runways and placed models over the bulbs so they don't appear to be glowing orbs of light (thanks Tic for your tutorial on SCASM runway lighting). All of this is time consuming and tedious work. The other shot shows the improved resolution of the asphalt texture and the edging to the paved surfaces.


Looks beautiful. Real good work.
That was worth taking your time to do that all... respect! It Came out very well.

Especially the SCASM lighting is superb... that maybe provides some CAT. III Landings. Which is awesome.
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Well, I see - you are deeply addicted to developping, high-grade. No hope of healing, I fear....That's good! :p
Fantastic progress each updating.
Hi Greg!

Everytime I visit this thread I find more interesting designs and marvelous texturing work. Those night captures are amazing brother!

If I were asked to summarize your work in short phrase; I'd say: Simply beautiful.
Thanks for your interest and for all those kind remarks! Very much appreciated.

I've been working hard on runway, taxiway and apron markings. It has taken a long time but they are finally finished, albeit for a few bits and pieces left to go. And, I've completed all the in-field navigation structures. Here are a few screen shots to show the results.

I have no idea how Tic kept his sanity doing all the markings for Beiijing!


Thanks for your continuing support. Still working hard on the scenery but it is summer so progress is a little slow. Currently I am working on the taxi and runway signs. There are over a hundred of these things but the biggest challenge was mapping out what signs go where. You can see that I have a way to go yet. When the signs get boring I do some of the infield structures still on the check list, such as the vehicle screening facility.


Awesome work... still interested to it and looking forward to the release... looks beautiful.
Take your time though to complete what's still needed to be done. And have fun, developing.


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I have no idea how Tic kept his sanity doing all the markings for Beiijing!
I needed to consult my psychiatrist twice..... no just kidding....Haha.
Keep doing something for a long time is not good for your health, you need a break. That is why I keep saying that doing such a big airport is a "patient" game that lead you to be a "patient" at the same time.
Anyway, great work, Greg.
All the taxi and runway guidance signs done, except to fix a few signage mistakes that I noticed after the fact. Just over a hundred signs. Winnipeg airport uses a LED type lighting for the signs, which I've tried to replicate. Also finished apron high mast lights. Quite a variation in the type and style of the lights, ranging from the new to rusty and old. Scenery is starting to look a bit more alive. Two major hurdles jumped. Taking a summer break so this will be the last progress report of the summer.

Here are couple screen shots showing the models day and night. I found a nice dusk shot of the terminal on the net so wanted to see how my terminal stacked up to the real thing. Didn't quite get the right angle and hard to replicate that sky!

Very cool... Everytime when you're showing some new stuff, i am stoked about it again and again...

Can't wait to fly to Winnipeg once this great Scenery hits the market.