P3D v4 Deep sea cable ship “Werner von Siemens”

Submarine cables connect the world!

Digitalized data and electrical energy race through the sea in submarine cables. A vast network of high-power submarine cables carries vast amounts of telephone calls, delivers cable television and provides fast Internet access.

The world is growing together - and needs more and more transmission capacity to do so. Existing connections must be expanded and new regions must be connected to the data streams. In addition, there are cables for power transmission on the seabed. On the one hand, the energy from the pioneering offshore wind turbines is transported inland, while on the other hand, islands and oil and gas production plants are connected to the power grid.

This model of a deep-sea cable ship with the appropriate name "Werner von Siemens" is sailing for the fictitious company "Atlantic Cabel”

The model is suitable for P3D from version 4.X and higher and has static and dynamic lighting. The download ist for free!

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