P3D v3 Default Airport ICAO Change difficulties

Hello guys.

First, I'm sure this problem's simplicity may sound almost ridiculous to most of you, but as a newbie, I can't get it to work.

I'm designing an airport for a friend, the airport Icao code in the sim is SNYO, but nowadays the code is SNPJ. It's a simple airport, the default one only has a runway, the default starts and a tower alongside the runway. the thing is, how can I make the default one 'disappear' from below my SNPJ that I'm creating?

I managed to exclude pretty much everything according to the Tutorial for ADE here in the forum, but the Runway is still showing below the aligned runway I've created.

I know it may sound ridiculous, but I had no success so far, maybe a detail I may be overlooking here or there, any help is appreciated.

default runway still appears despite excludes, ICAO code changes.


Resource contributor
You talk about excludes, but not actually deleting the runway in the SYNO file?