FSX default buildings show up overcustom made scenery

I have a weird problem with an addon I made.
I created the MWCR airport for fsx, and i got several e mails from people they have default buildings trough my scenery
I adde a screenshot of their situation,
doe anybody know how to solve this issue?
many thanks



This bldg. is a library object that needs to be deleted. If you created your version of this airport with ADE then you can delete it by highlighting it and deleting it with the delete key or right click and select delete. Recompile and the building should not appear. Be sure in ADE's view menu that you have Library Objects checked so that they are visible in ADE as in the screenshot below.



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I checked the afcad menu
Can you confirm what design tool you are using? If it is ADE then make sure View > Library Object is checked
I have checked these options in ADE, and added a exclusion too,
I was forgotten to add the option flatten exclude autogen too.
it works fine now,
Thanks for your help.