FSX Deleted FSX ILS ooops...

Good day, What happens if I load a stock fsx airport and delete the orphaned ILS?
I am trying to create my own version of the airport by using the stock as a template...
Do I still have my FSX stock airports intact?
Thank you

If so.... once deleted, will my new airport work without this orphaned ILS and what might be the normal procedure in achieving my goal...


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If you make a copy of the original then you will still have the original in the stock file. If you are trying to delete a stock ILS then it is not possible. The best that can be done is to orphan it which ADE tries to do. If you deleted the orphan somehow from the ADE project file then you will get the stock one back. Stock navaids in FSX cannot be deleted except for terminal types.

I am not sure what you are trying to do
Hey Scruff...
Just trying to create a much needed airport for SABE.
The only reasonable one is botched somehow and when activated in FSX, shows up with trees growing through the taxi ways.
I have input quite a few tiles from VES images.. long and tedious but I am a perfectionist having worked as an EM Engineer in various private as well as DOD companies in the US.
I do have it saved in to a project minus the orphaned ILS.
So What you are saying is that once compiled, and placed in to FSX Scenery, it will create a new one where the old one was?
Again... many thanks for your patience..


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  • If you want to 'delete' the existing ILS then you need to let ADE orphan it. This will put the ILS is an unused place some distance from the airport. If you then somehow deleted the orphan from ADE you would get the original back. Point is don't delete an ILS unless it really isn't there any more.
  • If you want to relocate the ILS then you can move the stock one within a small distance inside the airport. Move it too far and it will either duplicate or go back to the original position.
It is not clear yet why you want to delete it - does it not exist at this airport for real but the stock airport has it by mistake?
Thought that I would be putting in a new one. So, from what I understand, when I place my new airport in to the scenery folder, FSX will add the default one which be theory, be correct.
Sound about right?
Thank you again
Not really. If the ILS does not need to be deleted, the normal procedure is to leave the default ILS there, and edit it if necessary. At this point you now have an ADE file that has no default ILS listed so you will not be able to edit it in the future, if the frequency changes, etc. You have limited your flexibility.
I'm new here to this, how do you edit an ILS to remove the backcourse? Have not seen a way to do this yet. Thanks
Welcome to the forum,
open ADE then from the menu, Lists/Navaids, then you can click on the ILS for each runway to bring up the properties box. then untick "Enable Back Course"