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Denpasar Bali airport in development

a long time ago I started also the work on Bali in Indonesia
I started it back in 2012, and it was frozen a long time, until now, I resumed the work again.
And the work is in a very advanced stage now, but still a lot of work to do
Here are the first screenshots of my new project.

approach look for rway 09

an overview of the airport

construction side for the domestic terminal

also the new terminal is constructed in fsx

some other buildings like the fire station, and ACS catering service

the new apron at the other side of the airport with the new VIP termin al and the executive jet service

the new main terminal

Be very carefull for what you carry with you into Bali, the text on this warning sign is not a joke, even for possession!

A possible arrest of two women after a narcotica dog discovered something in their bags
the army is on patrol with dogs at the airport.
It's a paradise for tourists, but not for drug trafficers.
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Linden, your work is magnificent.
Why you work so fast? It seems to me that you have released/ almost released three airports in a very short time.
I have a lot of time to work on it, I am sadly declared incapacitated for a regular job because of psychological problems.
So I spend the whole day long to work on my hobby projects, The whole day I'm modeling with sketchup, and I have al lot of fun with it.
many times even at night.
If it sometimes will be to much in the night time hours, I remember myself with the KLF song "Go to sleep", than it is time to sleep.:), I discovered that track on a night, when I was creating airport models too, and watching youtube, it was funny to the situation.
Sketchup is very easy, and fast to use, I started to learn it back in 2010.
The WADD airport was already completely modelled in 2011 and 2012, so I had the models already except the new terminal and some other buildings like in the new situation, in that year I could not yet create custom made runways, and taxiways, so I started to learn that first.
but unfortunately the project had fallen into oblivion, until two weeks ago, I found all the models back on my external harddisk, and I decided to resume the modeling of it.
Now I make all the models better and more realistic than they where back in 2012, and now with custom runway and taxiways too. so I will overhaull the complete airport now.
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The project looks fantastic. I was just thinking about a Denpasar Airport in FSX today, after I heard someone on the radio talking about it this morning. I was thinking it would be a good flight to follow a real life, well travelled route from Australia. And now here it is!


I have the whole day to work on my hobby , and I'm going all the way , I like it, even somethimes the whole night too.
Thanks guys,
I have upgraded my windows 7 to windows 10 today, and it works all perfect! so far
I tested Sketchup, MCX and ADE 1.65, and it works perfect for me, hopefully also for others.
the work will now be continued on windows 10.:)
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