Detailed textures and rain effects on runways

Hi Arno

Thank for your post and sorry if I'm not again read all other threads on this perfect forum ! I just start the developer there is 2 month.

Not flicker problem ...
That's just, if I convert my DAE sketchup file by import buton and export to BGL fsx, when I over 2000 M long from my reference point, my taxiway not follow the curve earth and leave the ground for climb ...
I tried the tool "special tools", [correct object for curve earth] but not big difference :( ( versus the perfect result with the option "slice polygons 100 meter" with the wizard tool )

If I work import my file by the Ground polygon wizard fonction, I'm not have this problem, the taxyway follow perfect the curve earth ... but in this case, yes, not rainy effect on the material !

I think you are true ... for all trouble have for work this effect, rain effect on taxyway are not very important...

Sorry for English.

( Tic ... Sorry, for moment I'm not use Gmax ... maybe ... in some time, I study this program for continue progress ;) ... and congratulation for Bangkok, that's a futur beautiful scenery ;) )
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Did you slice the polygons in sketchup or is it just one long polygon of 2 km? If they are sliced the correct for earth curve function should work.

I plan to add fsx mdl support to the ground polygon wizard later, but that still needs some experimentation.
I think just on long 2 Km polygone not slice in sketchup... I'm not have plugin for slice corectly in Sketchup ...
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When you say altitude material problem, do you mean the polygons flicker?

That's a normal side effect of using mdl files for ground polygons. That's why most people use the fs2002 style polygons.

As mentioned in many of the other threads about this problem, it needs a lot of tuning to remove the flickering when using mdl files for ground polygons. You probably need to add a lod where the height above the terrain keeps increasing.

Some people say the added rain effect is not worth all the extra trouble, but I'll leave that choice to yourself of course :)



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I think just on long 2 Km polygone not slice in sketchup... I'm not have plugin for slice corectly in Sketchup ...
It is an old thread, actually. I don't know if you still have problem. But there is no need for special plugin. You just cut the 2 Km polygon every 100 m., it should work.