FSX DHC 6 - Twin Otter

dave hoeffgen

Resource contributor
Thanks for the nice comments :)

Well I knew this one was easy :D

I noticed there isn't really a high quality freeware one for FSX.
There's payware and an fs9 one wich was modified for FSX regarding systems but never had a native FSX model.
So I started to try if I could fill this gap. I aim for a medium level of detail and native FSX graphical features like bump maps.
No promises though as it is actually not my number one priority project.

As I said I made the progress shown above in one day using Blender. There are no cut out control surfaces yet such as ailerons and rudder, nor are there any animations at this point.

Happy flying to you all,


dave hoeffgen

Resource contributor
Hello back here, :)
Sadly There isn't really something to show but I can announce the flight dynamics got to a stage where I consider them satisfying.
For some reasons I decided to do them first.
They are not perfect of course, most of the values are guessed or scaled from other aircraft and it doesn't perfectly balance,
but it is possible to land on benchmark runways such as St Barth and Lukla.