FSX did sbuilderx can make it?

As you can see in the picture there are drawn there on the highway that circles down the street and then turn down. In the center of the image.

how to make this happen from sbuilderx, there is existing highway above and below the existing highway.

do you understand what I mean? :confused:



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You might be able to use XML extrusion bridges to create roads at different levels. Although I am not sure if SBuilderX supports this...

SBX supports extrusion bridges, but it seems to work not perfectly (I had a post recently about this).

On your "above" road line, you break at both bridge ends; then select the future bridge line and open the line properties window; you have a extrusion bridge item where you can choose different parameters. Take care this part of project is compiled in a special bgl file.

However, elevations are curious and most of time the bridge can't be seen; if you analyze the xml code, you can correct it, but it is difficult to make road segments and bridge segment perfectly join.

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Hi thanks all, I think it can be done from ADE too with different elevation in different bgl, but still not wotk perfectly.

just curious when user use fsglobal or another mega terrain .. :D