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FSX disabled pilot 2nd controller as rudder

Hello all, this is my 1st post and humble request.
I fly gliders with the 1st club to put hand controls in the 1st grobs, that got them to make every 1 after able to have hand controls.
since then many gliders have made it a standard option.
we still have those 1st grob 103's and hope to upgrade to ask 21's someday

we have pilots who hold records and win competitions using rudder handle on left.. push for left rudder pull for right.. it would be great for the entire disabled pilot community to have that option on any plane

Freedoms Wings International soaring for people with disabilities
you can see how we have the hand controls in the 1st grobs (spoiler locking plate upgrade should be approved soon :)
thats basically the design still in use so just want a mod that alows a 2nd joystick for rudder (or for that matter thrust vectoring)
the ability to map multiple devices and use a 2nd device for yaw
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Paul Domingue

Resource contributor
Welcome to the forum.
I'm not sure what it is that you are asking. All the things you have stated are readily available for FSX dependent on the joystick you are using.
You can easily assign multiple controllers within the default FSX settings configuration to accomplish exactly what you intend.