P3D v4 Disappearance runway turning the visual on the POV

I have compiled with ADE v. 1.76.6715 for P3D v.4.3 and it happens only on a runway head (and only that) that when I turn the visual with the POV on the Joystick the track only in certain sectors disappears.

from the relative 000 (310 °) 135 ° to the right and 90 ° to the left

I've tried both with the Polygon Terrain \ Airport Background \ Flatten Mask Class Map ExcludeAutoGen or just Flatten ExcludeAutoGen
The value of the Flatten of the Track is 35.966.

Everything is perfect in FSX!

MiG_044.jpg MiG_045.jpg MiG_053.jpg


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Unfortunately, to date I have not been able to understand where the problem is ... I was expecting some possible help ... but obviously this problem is more thorny than it seems.
If the glare from the sun on the surface of the coating is not important to you, that is the solution! I do not know whether you like it or not, but it works well for me, but it does not suit me. Convert, under layer number 1 (or higher), your main polygon 1 bgl using P3D version 4 and a separate file under layer number 2 (or higher) additional polygon bgl using FSX.
And that you get 2 bgl for the basics. And then, I think, as usual, you continue to lay layers
I hurried with the conclusion. During the test, I discovered that there is a reflection of the sun, but there is no shadow from the plane. And so there is no loss of textures.
Thank you for your suggestion. But as you said in FSX, everything works perfectly. I tried them all .... in the version for P3D I used the SDK tools of version 4.3. As I repeat it is not just a question of the Sun's glow .... the track disappears turning with the view as it happens to you only on a runway (32) and only that. Can you take a test with your simulator with the zip file?
Since I had not modified the altitude because I had started doing the AFCAD ex novo ... obviously P3D had in memory the default altitude that is not the same. So you must also take into account the _ALT.bgl file. However now everything is ok. Spossibo!