FSX Disappearing Animated Vehicles

Disappearing Animated Vehicles
Having created vehicles (using gmax/3ds max) with animation to follow a route and go around the terminal was successfully inserted into the FSX scenery.
The vehicles go around but sometimes they disappear as I change my angle of view. However I am sure that the animation continues and the vehicles appear further away.
How can I make my vehicles appear at all times?

I think I know why your animations disappear. FS will only show object that are within the line of sight. If the startingpoint, or any static objects, of your animation is out of sight, your animated object will disappear even if the animated object is within your line of sight. This can be corrected by making a tranparrent box that covers the area your animated object moved within. Link the box to the dummy-box of your object. This way you will have the invisible box in your line of sight, and your animation will show.

This is explaned in one of the wikis, but I cannot remember witch.
I searched high and low to find this AnimHouse example ( in the FS9 gmax gamepack ? ) but no avail. I did not come across to such thing in FS2004 CD


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I assume this can also be modified by using ModelConveterX to enlarge the MDL object's bounding box by the same amount. We do this with light splash objects to avoid them flashing as you rotate away from them. Special Tools/MDL Tweaker (assuming that running the MDL through MCX does not ruin it).
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