P3D v3 Disappearing Runway

Hi, been updating small airports that i fly to in FSEconomy, currently flying around the Philippines, at a couple of the airports I have altered I have found that the runways disappear when looking at certain angles at certain points on the runway.

I have made a short video and have included the file in hope that someone can open it and see what i have done wrong.

I have checked the altitudes and all seem fine although at first I found that the runway would always be 0.001 below the rest, to fix this I had to delete the runway and create a new one but his did not fix this problem.

This has been created in ADE 1.70.6042





In P3Dv3 the file is in the world folder, you don't mention a scenery folder in the world folder, did you miss this or is this a possible error?


EDIT: just tried copying file to world folder still the same

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Sorry I miss the folder the correct path is fsx/scenery/world/scenery.
Try to redo things. First change altitude of airport and then flatten the área. it should work not being something more is hapening there, some file that would be interferring.
I think would be better to change the altitude and save the file, then reload the file and apply a flatten to the área.
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Have started from scratch and rebuilt, haven't altered the altitude, don't know why i did the first time around, didn't need it but still getting the same result.

I think there must be a collision with ORBX global somehow.

Have now tried Moving the runway and start point further north and things only go wrong at that exact point on the map
Hi, never got sorted with this problem, now creating airfields for P3Dv4. I have created a few without problems but the latest getting this same problem again, haven't changed the airport height, the airport background is bigger than the airport, have been trying loads of changes without success but have noticed something interesting. The latest airfield is RPUY in the Philippines, this was a long way off its true location and have moved it to the correct position, I have noticed in the in sim map the airfield hasn't updated as in the image below. How can the pink circle be moved to the correct position, the large pink circle in ADE has been moved to the centre of the airfield.
This makes sense as I have started up P3Dv3 up and went to the first offending airfield, in the second image you can see the big circle almost covers the whole airport but the runway must be over hanging and out of range, would explain why I only get issues at one end of the runway, while the new airfield the issue is every where.



Sussed it, to exclude the old airfield I created my polygon and created an Exclude general/Airport backgrounds, changed to Exclude specific/ flatten maskclassmasp Autogen and now all shows fine, as well as the big pink circle in map view over the centre of the airport

Back again seems i somehow fluked getting the latest airport to work, went back the the original file (first post) and tried the same but not working for me now, if i buy a prokey will this move the original airport dat to the new position?



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There is a move airport function available via the ProKey. You get a 15 day trial so you could try it out and see if it helps
I think I have it sussed now, the big circle in the map is the comms area, i deleted the comms for the tower then re-added it, this seem to move things to the same location as the airport, the runways all show fine now. I forgot I had done this with the other airport.