Displaced Threshold markings

Hi Jon

I have been upgrading KBUR and have customs lines and markings. P3Dv4

It has a displaced threshold runway. It does not seem possible to suppress the displaced threshold markings in ADE. They will always show over GP layers.

For now I have disabled the displaced threshold, but of course AI land in the wrong place.

Do I have it correct that displaced threshold markings can not be supressed? If it is a P3D hard code issue, I thought I would post on the forum, as they do seem to listen to our various pleas for improvements.


Resource contributor
AFAIK they cannot be suppressed. You can place a ground polygon with a runway texture over that part of the runway to cover them up.
Thanks. I have a large groundplane at layer 16 and the markings show above it. If I make a smaller planer covering the whole runway at layer 16, it does then cover the markings.

I shall have to rethink my ground layers, but at least I see a solution.