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MSFS Do triangle counts still matter?


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While studying why some default objects from MSFS load slowly into ModelConverterX, I came across some object that have very high triangle counts for a scenery object. For example the hangar below has around 1.2 million triangles. Until now I think the general consensus always was that it is not smart to use so many triangles on a scenery object. Do we need to change that opinion for MSFS now or is this still a waste of resources?

Arno, I'm curious at how much video memory is used for that mesh versus trying to mimic the details with more higher resolution textures? It might be less resources (reasonably speaking) to use higher poly dense meshes like this then? Glad you brought this up as the project I'm working on isn't super focused on poly count but rather high detailed meshes that are optimized.
I also noticed that the glTF file for that hangar is not that big. I think for the roof props they use instancing to place the same mesh multiple times. That might be more performance efficient.
Hi all,

I have to revert some of my statements. It turned about that the glTF code as stored in the BGL file uses some ASOBO specific extensions to store the primitives. As I did not support these yet the triangle count was exploded that much (when reading the glTF file according to the specification the same triangles ended up 16 times in this model). Actually the building only has around 67000 triangles. That is still quite a lot for a hangar, but not as extreme as the 1 million plus I mentioned before. I have updated MCX now to support this ASOBO extension as well.
On a similar line i have made a model of a seaside pier. It has 6000 triangles and will use one 4096 x 4096 texture. Do i still need to create LODs and mipmaps for something like this?


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