FS2004 Dock GA Parking

I'm designing several British Columbia seaplane terminals, however, when I add DOCK parking FS does not open.
If I remove the parking re compile the airport everything works fine.
Any advice would be appreciated.
Thanks, Peter Hall


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You need to link parking spots to the taxi network. if you don't then the sim can crash.
As a matter of interest, does anyone know, in FSX, what difference a DOCK parking spot has to, say, a RAMP parking spot? Is it only a way to differentiate aircraft parking spot usage in the aircraft.cfg file, e.g. atc_parking_types=DOCK for a floatplane Beaver whilst any non-floatplanes can be RAMP, GATE etc.?

When I design a seaplane airport, I use RAMP spots for my 'user' aircraft (can be a floatplane or amphibian) and DOCK spots for any AI aircraft. I do not add any taxi links to the RAMP spots whereas the DOCK spots are linked to the runway (0.2 metre / concrete) using zero width, concrete paths. I do not have any problems due to the 'un-connected' spots in FSX. When in my 'user' aircraft, I can taxi out to the water alongside the AI-style runway and take-off/land as usual. My AI aircraft have been 'converted' to 'hidden-wheels' by modification of the aircraft.cfg files.