P3D v3 Does ACM create an add-on.xml file for P3Dv3?

Hi Arno,

I wanted to confirm if this is correct. If I install ACM for P3Dv4 it creates an a AutogenConfigurationMerger folder and an add-on.xml file inside it and places the folder into 'C:\{Documents}\Lockheed\Prepar3D v3\Add-ons' folder. . When I run P3Dv4 for the first time P3D asks if I wish to activate ACM and it updates the add-ons.cfg file with your entry in the ProgramData folder.

With P3Dv3 if I install the same way it does not create the above mention folder in 'C:\{Documents}\Lockheed\Prepar3D v3\Add-ons folder', and does not update the add-ons.cfg file. Is this correct? Thinking this is how is was for P3Dv3 but for P3Dv4 you added that?

This is using the ACM version you created for me (new entries at bottom), not the latest one posted for testing against Orbx agn missing, if that makes any difference.


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Yes, the mechanism to install ACM via an add-on.xml file is for P3D v4 only. In the other versions ACM is installed in the exe.xml file.