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P3D v6 Does ACM work with P3Dv6?

Do we need an update? Having issue trying to see my custom vegetation in v6. Hoping ACM will help resolve this. Thx.
I never updated ACM for the new P3D versions. Since you can now have autogen definitions in your add-on package I'm not even sure it is needed.
You can? Gee I need to read up on that. That applies to v6 I take it. Does that also apply to v5 ? Been using ACM there. But that's good... that leaves you more time to work on water detection! :p I'd still be happy just to try an elevation slope filter in the meantime...
If I remember correctly it's possible since we can add the addon via the add-on xml, so I think that's v4. But if I let ACM work with v5 I should maybe also add V6....
It's funny, testing with P3Dv6. In v5 my custom AutogenDescriptions.spb works fine to show my custom tree groupings but in v6 they do not appear? The default vegetation do appear so need to find out why. Pretty sure LM did not change much in this area (however I do see they finally got rid of dynamic trees). I must be missing some file I have forgotten about? I guess adding ACM would not make at difference since I already copied over the edited file to try out where as ACM would have done the same thing.
"you can now have autogen definitions in your add-on package"

Are you sure about that? I find nothing in the SDK that talks about that?
Here it mentions that you can add additional autogen folders in your addon: