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FSXA Door animations


Resource contributor
Hi guys,

I'm looking at giving "Joey" his opening doors, but the problem is that open at an angle and I can't seem to get them to animate properly within max. There is a total of 5 doors on the real airplane that needs to open this way and I want to find the best way to animate them like the real deal. I've unsuccessfully tried using LookAt Constraints for the first time (I've never used this procedure) and I'm not sure if animating them regularly would do the trick. I'm open for any ideas.


Resource contributor
Aren't they just on external hinges? Draw a Tape helper from one hinge point to the other to get the precise position and alignment of the hinge axis, align the door's pivot with the Tape helper and Robert est ton oncle. If necessary, place Dummy helpers at each hinge point to give alignment points for snapping to when drawing the Tape helper.

The same method aligns ailerons, rudders etc exactly on their hinges.