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MSFS Dortmund for the MSFS (WIP)

Christian Bahr

Resource contributor
Simply amazing detail. It looks great, and more and more like the real thing.
Many Thanks 👍

Yes I know. That's totally weird ... but unfortunately inevitable :p

What is meant are strollers in Hengsen-Opherdicke. No, I don't know where this strange place name comes from either. But it will be populated, that is already certain. Populated with lots of animated people (Bahrometrix Living People). A short preview video from the professional software 3d Studio Max 2020 from Autodesk:


Siegtraude Babblingbeard while jogging


Marina Bearcatcher listening to music

In the meantime, new roof turrets, which have been newly installed on the airfield by the local club members for a relatively short time, are being rebuilt. These include roof riders, double roof riders and half-lane roof riders:

The old ridge turrets were placed in a relatively disorderly manner ...




Unfortunately, these new roof turrets have no patina or signs of wear. But the new things shine so much 👍

As with Dortmund's urban area and Dortmund Airport, Hengsen-Opherdicke will also benefit from very precise elevation data based on LIDAR laser scan data:



The elevation data is accurate. So precise that you can already see the elevations in the GIS software. The ruts running across the slope are also very clearly visible

The picket fence on the terrace in Hengsen is also being renewed - the pickets are no longer straight on the fence, but are now arranged at an angle. We are currently working on it :wizard:

Christian Bahr

Resource contributor
After a few days of heat-related break, it goes on ...

In this great weather you don't want to sit around the whole time, on the other hand you want to finish the project at some point :stirthepo

The fence slats still had to be replaced in Hengsen, and that's how it looks there now (almost like the real thing ...


Picket fence in the 3-D software with the new crossed pickets ...

... and in the MFS the picket fence looks like this:

It was time to define a new category for animated people: The Bahrometrix Unliving Horror People 😄 ...


Does it bite? No, he doesn't do anything - he just wants to play :scratchch

Well, and to top it all off, there are also cyclists in Hengsen ...


The cyclist, the deer and the undead are controlled via the previously presented WASM module. The really great thing about it is that these objects follow the terrain 👍

All slope markings in the form of roof turrets are now also ready and have been placed. The half-track riders were still missing the lettering, I got the exact dimensions of the numbers and symbols from a resident club member and pilot. This is what things look like now:


The new slope markings - set up like a string 😉

A little specialty:
The numbers & symbols were not simply mapped onto the model with a corresponding texture. They were created with a special technique that I will also use on the elevated GAT area at Dortmund Airport. In 3dsm there is the Shape Merge tool for this purpose and with it you can cut shapes into surfaces ...


In summary, there are three new ideas that will be marveled at in Hengsen:

- Cyclists
- Deer crossing
- Living Dead

My to-do list is getting smaller and smaller and so I go back to the Dortmund city area. A few building foundations have to be readjusted there and activities in the form of maritime leisure activities are to take place at the Phönixsee 🙂

Stay tuned - to be continued ...
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What an exciting project this is, very cool to see you add new things to your scenery, i will definitely be following this thread.
I personally think the added elevation data makes a huge difference, very nice work Christian.

Christian Bahr

Resource contributor
looks real cool, any more progress update on dortmund ? will that one be payware ?

We decided that right at the beginning when we started with the Airport EDLW. The entire package, consisting of the Dortmund EDLW Airport, the Dortmund Landmarks and the small Hengsen-Opherdicke EDIU Airfield, is published as freeware. It is our largest and so far most complex project. At the moment there are some difficulties with the terrain in Hengsen.