FSXA Doug Dawson Sound Gauge Help


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The operating system functionality of the single dot is to refer to the folder in which the current process is running, which in this case is the main FSX folder. I coded the gauge to test for this.
Until last night it never crossed my mind to test for the two dots. I suppose I will do some testing...

Yes, I know that. Though I got confused thinking that the process was refered from the .gau file, when in fact it refers to the main program, FSX.exe here. The double dot won't work in this case, but a valid path would be:


I guess that's what you suggested to the OP, or something similar.

Problem sorted thanks to Doug's help via email.

It was a combination of typos and coding syntax/methodology but we "got 'er done" in the end! :)
Nnoooooooo!! I've carefully read through this excellent troubleshooting thread with the gauge creator and the finest gauge programmer in fs and when you get it working it's through an email, and the solution is not posted at the end of this thread?! What the heck! Can you please post the proper code for the rest of us noobs trying to get this working? Thank you!

P.S. Yes I know it's 3 years old, but I can still hope, can't I? It's also a plea to others that find solutions and don't post them for others that come after them.