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This thread will contain all information about where the download ModelConverterX. There are two versions available, see the details below.

Stable release

The stable release is intended for users who want a well tested version of the tool.

Download latest stable release: ModelConverterX 1.3

Development release

The development release is updated automatically every night based on the improvements I have made. This means that you will always be able to benefit for the latest features and bug fixes. The downside of this is that this version has not been tested properly yet, so it will be more buggy. If that does not bother you, please feel free to try this version.

Get more information about the latest development release. Here you find the changes and find the download link. You can also download this version directly from the download section.

Old releases

If you don't want the latest development or stable release, you can have a look in the archive of old released. But be aware that these versions will have less features.
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