Downloadable Free Sketchup.


I suggest that you have a read through this thread: Sketchup 2018

In it there are mentioned a few options.

I still use Sketchup 8.

If you would like a newer version post #6 might have what you want.
Hi Randy:

FYI: Sketchup version-8 (32-bit) is the last version allowed to be used for both freeware and commercial purposes without a license and/or making a declaration of intended non-commercial use.

The original version-8 package is the 'fastest' working build compared to newer "Make" or 2013 / 2014 / 2015 / 2016 / 2017 / 2018 and/or 64-bit versions, and can be downloaded here:

BTW: AFAIK, that is the last issued and most current updated Sketchup version 8 released:

NOTE: Sketchup version-8 can run on Windows-XP if desired, although some (optional) plugin Ruby scripts may use DLLs that require more recent Windows component functions, and some dialog GUIs may require newer versions of Internet Explorer.

PS: AFAIK, Trimble discontinued Geolocation after May 2017 in all but the latest payware versions of Sketchup. :alert:

Hope this helps ! :)

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