Drawcall minimizer and export


I think I do something wrong but after 3 days of suffering I could not find it out what.

I'm new in MDX, I would like to convert some GoogleWarehouse object (collada) to 3ds to be able to tweak/optimise them in gmax.
In the attachement you can find my object. I import the model and I immediately push the drawcall minimizer. All options are checked (Detect duplicat, Replace col. etc.)
He says no. of dr. minimized from 12 to 11. 3 textures merged.
Actualy he generates two dds file as an output. The content is similar only one of them is a little bit darker.
Than I export it to a 3ds open it with gmax. The problem is that he is using in some cases the two new generated dds but mostly the original Collada textures. I do not understand bec. the collada textures are really not designed according the "power of 2".

Everything is in the attachement. Could you please check what do I do wrong or what is the problem?

Thank you in advance!



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The fact that the amount of drawcalls was only reduced from 12 to 11 is already an indication that not all textures could be combined. This could have a couple of reasons.

First it could be the texture is repeating (for example the roof). In that case it can not be combined. But it could also be that the mapping of the texture just by accident goes outside the 0.0 to 1.0 range. Also in that case ModelConverterX will skip the texture.

Another reason is that the texture is too big to fit in the combined texture sheet. By default the new texture is 1024x1024 in size. I noticed some of the JPG textures used are bigger than 1024 pixels. In that case it could help to first use the mass texture editor to resize the textures to powers of two. After that the drawcall minimizer might work better.