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Drawing Order?

I have an large object I made in gmax. When I place the object in FS and fly from a distance towards it autogen trees will appear in the foreground. As the trees "fade" into view the the shape of the tree is at first transparent and my object behind them is ignored.( I can see a tree shaped window through it).
This only lasts for as long as the autogen tree is fading in but because they appear at random distances I get a horrible flashing effect as they do.
I have no control over the autogen but can anything be done with my gmax object to give it a higher priority. Also does this give any clues as to how the fade in effect is produced so that we could use it.




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Hi Vincent,

I must see I have no knowledge about fading autogen (never seen that happen actually), and I think it is very hard to control the drawing order between autogen and scenery objects, as that is done using the reference points of the different objects.


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I can confirm the fading autogen, it appears also in my stationary PC - the trees don´t "pop up", they fade in. Quite nice i.m.o!
However I don´t have a problem with this, since the visibility of my own objects are such (not coded by me, however, they just appear this way) that they don´t appear until the autogen already is loaded.

Not much help, eh? Just my :twocents: