Drawing vector shapes to use in Scenproc

need some help over here

first wow!:D
amazing program !;)
i am fantesizing about a day MICROSOFT will buy all the littel program and big ones, and will make stat of the art UP TO DATE sim, who can utillize all this
liitel amazing things and give us a real world envirment as we all wating for 40 years of siiming !!
a BIG LIKE FOR SCENPROC for showing microsoft how its being done !

now for my problem
which is the same as Claviateur's only I dont have iilustrator
but i do have Photoshop.

i do have OSM data of > POINTS < only, representing buildings. :eek:
tried fulling scenproc:cool: and load them as points but:confused: scenproc didnt like this and it was crashing . CTD:eek:

i tried feeling house footprint myself in qgis but it will take forever:mad:
in Photoshop i can realy make a layer of buildings footprint in no Time comparing it to qgis :rolleyes:
I have found that i can use georefereeing as a calibrator for my image in qgis ;)
how can i convert them in to polygons?:confused: there must be a way of automating this some how !

1. is there any tool that make vectors out of Photoshop layers :confused:??

2. is there a way of placing buildings on points with scenproc :confused:??!

3. is there a way of converting this point in to polygons ?(even if you don't have the right heading ? with qgis or arcview :confused:

4. what is DXF :eek:

5. does Photoshop knows DXF? :confused:

6. can you give more data on the matter so i can google it? :confused:

Claviateur can you spread some light on how you solved your issue

the program runs great thanks to some great tutorial
the Experience it give to flight is amaizng !:p
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I droped this technique of drawing by hand the vectors because I got real footprints to use.

Now I am trying 2 techniques at once to see what result is better (3DS extrusion of footprints vs Scenproc)

As far as I know, if you use the vector tracing feature in Photoshop you must get vector export format, did you try that?

But I recommand a vector tool such as Inkscape that you can use to trace your shapes

DXF is an Autocad drawing format but I am not sure Photoshop supports it. I believe Inkscape does

But if you have points references I belive there should be a way to create a code to convert them into generic buildings, I think Arno knows more about this possibility

thanks bro...
i was contacting a company who was dealing this kind of data
and it way expensive .
i was just finished drawing a 1 mile of building and it took me 4 hours
i was searching converting dots to polygons but did not get what i wanted
only tools that make line between each point instead of just making some vectors around it .
Arno ??? can u suggest anything ?

i am looking on Inkscape right now but i must say i am complete noobie and never heard of that :confused:


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At the moment scenProc can only make buildings from polygons, not from lines. But I can add an additional step for that. Do you imagine each dot should become a building with the same size? And what about the heading, should it be random?
dfx or Insist to get a sap file

hi arno,
yes, heading should be random also size maybe.
just for area that don't have footprint !

OK so here what i did so far:

1. I made a map with sbuilder downloaded a tile with house foot print

2. open it in Photoshop,

3. selecting all house footprint,

4. make a working path,

5. export it as ai

6. then in illustrator exporting it to dfx

7. then open it in QGIS (it took me 6 hours to get a clue on how to move feathers to the right place and then 40 min process time of moving them for some reason )

so now its there BUT its twice the size of it should be .
i am trying to get a clue of how to scale the tile to the right size to fit with background map .

something about how I export my dfx is had to do with scaling problem
i just don't know what. i never use autocad or illustrator

i have start to consider using the " IMPORTDXF " and us the dfx
but i couldn't get the numbers u put there for scaling

use the dfx or Insist to get a sap file in order to make everything in order

can you explain in more details about the IMPORTDXF, how did you get this numbers plz and please a noobie explain?

thanks for replaying :)
I believe it could be a good idea generating buildings from dots combined with the idea of the kml poly that Arno spoke about an another post as for estimating the buildings height (landclass) in a specific area.

Just to brainstorm for those areas without footprints, what about a command allowing one to generate buildings along specific OSM roads

Another idea is to use the OSM roads data and make the areas resulting from their intersections filled with buildings using scripts controls + kml for height etc

Those possibilities could render fair results without even having a photoreal ground texture I believe

Just ideas

god i want this autogen to be complete

Yes, but for thos who insist having the Exact building foot print
There shuld be a workflow for generting shape file
So now i intall affin plugin in qgis try to scale the layer but agin its going out of place and for some resone it takes qgis 40 min to complete to proses of mooving featcher.

I am writing frommy phone sorry for spelling
My computer is stuck on moving featchers:eek:


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Did you try the example I posted in post 19 in this thread? With the importshp and scalefeatures steps it should be possible to load your vectors and scale them correctly. That might save another step through QGIS. I am not sure how big the area is that you have covered by the DXF, but it should not take more than a few minutes normally.
import dxf help

Yes arno i did sew number 19
But as i was saying i dong get what are the parameters u put there why this numbers ?
Can u explain to me importdxf method
Does this has somthing to do with ydim xdim ?
I understand you were piking to dots on the layer to get lat and long but what r u doing with that data how does it comes to that importdxf line


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I assume you mean the numbers in the scalefeatures step? The importdxf step hardly has numbers as arguments.

You define two input points, in the coordinate system you used when drawing the vectors. And then you specify the latitude and longitude that belongs to those position. The tool will then move your features to the right position.
thanks !

hey guys,
so i made it i extract a shp file and i have a city with 170000 buildings ;:)
i have some more quistions but iwll open a new theard for that or search for my answer
thank you so match for helpying
by the way i never got the dxf scalefeatures thing but now i have a shp file