dsd_fsx_xml_sound problem

Hi all, I need help with (dsd_fsx _xml _sound) the sound of the APU in its three stages, the problem is that when the sound already in work mode, changing a window the sound is interrupted or makes a small pause. What could cause this?


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What do you mean by changing a window? With the current version (5.2.2) I can change from full screen to windowed and back, or changes views (panel to chase or tower view) or change from 2D to VC without any interruptions in a playing sound. Which version are you using?

in FS9 , i have the some probleme.
I have a permanent 400 hz sound.
Closing a sub panel the sound is interrupted shortly.
Also if other sounds are active they are interrupted.

for checking the sim status i use your L: variable

        1 (>L:CORE3_Simulation_Stopped,bool)
during closing the sub panel i get a short "SIM Stopped" from my output gauge.

I use the latest version from 20.7.2014 downloaded from your website.



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The only way to determine if the simulation is paused, in FS9, is to measure the passage of FS time.
I could build in a way to make the muting of sounds optional when the sim is paused, but this would affect all sounds, and, to my way of thinking, having sounds playing when the sim is actually paused is a worse issue.
I'm afraid all I can tell you is that if the issue at hand really bothers you, then you'll just have to add it to the list of reasons why you should switch to FSX or P3D.



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Would this work in FS9?

That's fine if the sound is on, but if the user had previously hit the Q key, then your code just turned the sound back on.
I'll be perfectly honest with you guys. I'm not going to put any more work into this thing to accommodate FS9. If anyone else wants to, I will happily send them the source code. :)