Duplicate ILS


I am not sure I can explain what the problem is because I can't fiqure out the logic behind the error.

I will walk you through what I needed and what is happening.

0102/15180 has KSMF in it which is Sacramento, CA. The Localizer for 16R is not set correctly so I needed to fix.

All I need is the runway records to change the LAT/LON for the Localizer which is a offset ILS.

So I click on KSMF and said make a XML and place into the working folder and SDE did that.

I deleted everything from the XML except the Runway records. I added the deleteALL=Runways, changed the LAT/LON of the Localizer for Runway 16R which is offset by 2 degrees and compiled with no errors.

At this point everything is perfect I think. I load up FSX and go to KSMF and in both MAP mode and the GPS I see duplicate ILS feathers for Runway 16R. My knew Offset ILS and the stock ILS which should be gone based on the deleteALL=.

At first I think this is one of those airports with 2 ILS per one end of a runway but SDE does not confirm that.

Further investigating I expand the KSMF tree and go down to the 2 runway records and expand them and something jumps out that does not look right. All the ILS are listed as a VOR prefix in front of the record heading. Example


I search through the right pane window to see if anything like this is present but only see the correct ILS data nested with the Runway properties.

I delete all 3 VOR ILS's in the tree and make a new XML in the work folder. Of course now there are no ILS records nested with the runway so I add them back to the XML by coping the ILS data from the right pane window, change again my LAT/LON offset and compile.

The duplicates are now gone when I load FSX.

What appears to happen is all 3 ILS's are duplicated but you can't see them because they are sitting on top of each other. Only when I changed the heading of 1 ILS did I now see there were actually 2 identical ones in my bgl by looking at the MAp Mode or the GPS.

I checked other airports and saw the same thing with the VOR letters in front of all the ILS in the runway property tree.

I don't know what build started this because I have done many ILS fixes to Canada with SDE and uploaded to AVSIM and never saw duplicate ILS's in Map mode until now. I also never recal seeing VOR prefixed for each ILS in the Runway record tree.

Maybe it's my technique that will no longer work. Old habits are hard to break when using new/or BGLAnaylze for so many years by just decompile, copy/paste what is needed, use a deletALL=, make changes and compile.


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Hi Jim

Let me take a look at it. If it is just the name of the ILS as it appears in the tree then SDE makes that up from information in the ILS record. It is a while since I looked at those. Does the ExcludeAllRunways 'remove' the ILS records? I guess it should.

OK The name in the Tree is showing VOR at the front but that has no bearing on the type or name of the Localizer itself. This is a problem with how SDE makes up the name - I will change that so that VOR is not included on the front.

I am seeing IMDK on R16L and IHUX and ISMF on R16R in the default record - is that what should be there?

EDIT - The VOR prefix is a bug and is fixed
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I am seeing IMDK on R16L and IHUX and ISMF on R16R in the default record - is that what should be there?
That is correct.

I will duplicate the double ILS (6 total) again and show pictures and then how I fix it.

Like I said it might be the way I copy and paste and not a SDE issue.