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We keep getting reports of Duplicate Waypoint Compiler errors. The most common way we know to do this is for the user to create an ILS on the same runway more than once. ADE allows you to do this (perhaps it should not). We are looking at how to stop it while still allowing users the flexibility.


Please be very careful when you add an ILS via the Right Click > Add Menu. ADE will offer you all the runways. Unless you are very clear what you are doing do not add more than one ILS to the same runway - they are very rare in practice and we suspect that users add them more by mistake than intent.

Also be aware that ADE creates an ILS approach by default when adding an ILS. This is almost certainly a good thing. However if you want to mess around with multiple ILS on a single runway we suggest that you uncheck the option to add an approach and then build your own in Approach Mode.

To fix the issue in versions prior to V 1.5 do the following:
  • Open Approach Mode via the button near top right
  • Go to Lists > Waypoints
  • Sort the list by Ident (click the Ident column heading)
  • Now select and delete any Waypoints that have the same ident leaving just one of each ident
  • Close the list
  • Go back to Airport Mode via the button near top right
  • Compile the airport
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