Easiest way to place maps


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This might not be news at all, but I thought I´d share this knowledge anyway...

The most easy way to place & calibrate maps in SBuilder is done with the help of LWMViewer.
You have to use the version 1.4b. With LWMViewer, you can easily export a bitmap based on the default files of the FS world. Along with the exported bitmap comes a textfile containing the coordinates of the bitmap. In version 1.4b, Jim Keir have gracefully added a function that outputs coordinates in the format required by SBuilder - no need to recalculate anymore!

So, export your bitmap. Place whatever material you have that needs to be placed as a map in this bitmap, using PaintShopPro, Photoshop or similar programs. Save as a 24-bit bitmap, and then place it in SBuilder. You can type in directly the coordinates that comes in the textfile, no more fuzzy point-and-click to calibrate.

I find this very handy. Hope that someone else does too! :)

Thanks to Jim for his excellent tool!

yep !

Hi Hans,

yep - this IS interesting for me. I have to work on my current
projects right now - but for my next planned projects it is
very helpful to know this ! :)

Greetz from Stuttgart - Germany :duck: