EDDS Stuttgart

So here are the first screenshots. It's indeed Stuttgart! The project is still in an early stage, three terminals are missing and I'm currently modelling the gates. Groundpoly and other buildings and decoration around the airport are also missing. Here's what I have now:

What's your opinion on this project?
It looks great but why to invest at an airport we already have? Aerosoft's airport is very good and accurate.I'm telling you that cause u could invest at another airport that doesn't exist..
You're right there's the Aerosoft scenery, but I really hate this terminal front, that has no modelling and the second reason is my emotional connection to the airport, due to me living in Stuttgart.
Thumbs up! We are waiting for it, do we have a plan?I mean i time plan?
Thanks, but I have to disappoint you with the timetable thing. I'm still in a very early stage of development and aiming for a release date at the moment would be like trying to shoot a mote from several kilometres away. I must add to the thing that I'll be doing my A-levels in 2019 so my available time will also drop during the next months. But I'm willing to finish this project and will keep you updated about the progress in this thread.
To the progress I've made since the last screenshots: I've pushed the progress on the gates, but I'm lacking reference imagery of them at the moment to finish the last half. Currently I'm modelling terminal 1 and 2 and I hope to finish them within the next two weeks (interior excluded). I'll post screenshots when I've finished something.

Greetings, NGFS Studios

dave hoeffgen

Resource contributor
Yeah I'm aware of the problem, but I try to aim for the highest possible level of detail. Reducing details is easier than adding them after everything is done.
Yeah, it's probably the best way. You can still use the high amount of detail to bake textures. Especially for the vents on the roofs I'd recommend to bake them into a texture to use on a low poly version.

Looks nice so far :)
Just a small status update:
I'm currently working on two things. The first thing is a rework of the roofs of the two terminals, they werd too low and had the wrong angle. This mistake resulted from architectural drawings, published online, that didn't matched up the real thing. The second thing is the modeling of the terminals front with the taxi holds and the parking lots. Next up will be the jetways, the interior of the terminals and detail work on signs and such stuff. I haven't decided yet whether I then move on to the modelling of abother building or whether I texture the terminal. Texturing will take mhch time, because I'm an absolute beginner when it comes to making great textures. If anyone could help me with this, just pm me. That was the status update, screenshots will follow when I finished something.