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Hello everyone,

I am working on my first project at the moment, and I'm using Sketchup

However, I walk into a problem.
In order to give concrete etc. a nice 'fade' into grass or something, I think you should be using an edge with some recoloring and a transparent fade (see the attachment for an example).

Because you cannot simply add that to your texture, since it will then be multiplied and shown everywhere where the texture is applied, I was wondering if there is another way to add these edges without having to draw lines everywhere around the airport (see the second attachment).

I hope somebody knows how I can do this in Sketchup.


Xtreme Dev.

P.S. The example is just an edited image from google.

-- EDIT 19:56: Changed the example file into a PMDG so that you can see the transparency --


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In order to give concrete a nice fade, you need to work in a different medium, you need to use photo ground polygons. There is no way to do this with land class type ground polygons.
A very nice concrete texture!

=rk= is correct, SketchUp is not the correct "tool" for this work.

The "Holy Grail" tutorial for doing what you are trying to do is Bill Womack's tutorial. However, it is a bit complicated and requires FS2002 with the FS2002 SDK…and a working knowledge of gMax. Probably not what you are looking for to use in a first project.

ADE and SBuilderX can both be used to provide this effect with a thin Dirt or Rock texture polygon and the LandClass texture of your choice behind it (you mentioned grass).

I have never tried it but you may be able to use shore-line line vectors (without wave action)…that might work.
Hey Hangar,

I indeed already found that tutorial.
Going to take a look at it tho, even though I don't have much knowledge of gMax. In my eyes, a good edge texture is a must have for proper scenery.