P3D v2 Effect based runway lights not working


I have created new runway lights for Zurich Airport (Aerosoft Add-on) based on effects on attach points. I have than made a BGL and placed it (in a separate scenery folder) as priority 1 in the scenery library.

Now I have different problems:

1. If I start P3D on LSZH runway I first of all have no lights at all. Only after having deactivated LSZH in the scenery lib and then reactivated the lights are visible.

2. If the lights are visible I can only see them at a distance of 550 m around my eye point. effect details and distance in the options are set to high.


First two points only appear on Aerosoft Airports (tried the same BGL on Friedrichshafen with the same result).

If I place the BGL on any other (non Aerosoft) airport I can see all the runway lights. I have tried it for example with Geneva airport from FSDreamteam.


3. There I have the problem, that the lights dissapear under the runway if I look at them in different angles.

What am I doing wrong here?

Some additional infos.
Effect files are configured like this:

[Library Effect]
Display Name=RDLightwhite
Lifetime=0.00, 0.00
Blend Mode=2

Texture has no mipmaps

The BGL was compiled using MCX Dev. edition.
NoCrash True
NoShadow True
NoZTest True
NoZWrite True

If I have to give any other infos let me know.

Thanks for any help.
So one problem solved (Nr. 2 from the list)

For all that might be interested. I had to make the .fx with the FXTool inside P3D that comes with the SDK of P3D.
Strange thing is, that the files are looking absolutly identical if I open them with Notepad++ (one made with FXTools the other one I wrote in notepad), but they don't behave the same in P3D.

Now I can see my lights all along the runway.

Strange thing as well. Type 19 of the FX seamed never to work (had to use type 25) inside P3D but made with the FXTool it works.

What remains are the other two problems.
Why there are no lights on the runway on startup P3D with the saved default flight. I still need to turn off the LSZH scenery inside P3D reload than turn the scenery back on reload and than the lights are there.
This happens only on Aerosoft Airports. I think it has something to do with how they make thier ground textures. But ...

Still thankful for any help.