EFHN, EFNU and EFHF released

During the last few weeks I have finished all scenery projects that I had on my harddisk. The last three were the two GA airfields in Hanko (EFHN) and Nummela (EFNU) and Finland's busiest GA airport Helsinki-Malmi (EFHF). EFHN and EFNU are made for FSX/FSX:SE and P3D and EFHF is a version for P3D only, converted from the FS2004/FSX-compatible scenery published by Jari Varje and Axel Lundqvist in 2010.

Helsinki-Malmi is currently badly endangered, as the City of Helsinki plans to shut it down completely at the end of this year to give way for residential building activities. In March 2016, Helsinki-Malmi Airport was selected as one of the 7 Most Endangered Cultural Heritage Sites in Europe. You can find more information on the airport and it's current situation at https://www.malmiairport.fi/en/

The new sceneries conclude my series of airports along the Finnish south coast (EFPR, EFHF, EFNU, EFTO, EFHN, EFTU and EFKG) and they can all be found at FSsnordic.net

Happy GA flying in southern Finland! :cool:

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Thanks, glad that you like them. My scenery work is currently halted - waiting for the new MSFS sim. I hope that we will get good scenery tools for that one. Meanwhile I am trying to teach myself more Blender stuff an PBR materials.... ;)
Sorry to hear that - the tragedy is that your Finnish dev group has many so many good models which could be converted/updated to P3D without too much effort. It is the ground work that takes time, I suppose.

Just seems like so much good work is going to waste. Maybe another talented person will step forward. Anyway, we really, really needed Turku and Malmi so thank you again.