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FSX EGAC Belfast City Airport

Seasons greetings to all, i hope everyone had a good christmas :D

Anyway, i decided to share a few shots of my current project - George Best / Belfast city airport.
Im at very early stage of devlopment at the moment but i decided to create this topic in order to track my progress as the project goes on.

Here are a few screen shots to show what i have done so far:


that great work and I'm looking foreword to it :eek:
will you be doing a fs2004 verson of it ?:rolleyes:
keep up the good work
Great Minds lol

Lovely work so far. I was in the process of converting the old FS2002 H&W for FSX. I had done it years ago when I made a version of EGAC depicting (roughly) Sydenham as it was in the 80's, long before all the new fangled taxiways etc and when they were still building / repairing whole aircraft. Typical visitors were Canberra PR9's, the Shorts lot (Skyvan / 330 / 360 / Sherpa / Belfast) Various incarnations of the 146 (Danair / Jersey / Loganair) and I'm sure I remember (on only one or two occasions) a Trident being diverted in when Aldergrove was closed. Looking forward to this one
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started work on the ground poly earlier today and i got most of the runway completed although i still have to add some extra details such as pavement cracks, tyre marks, dirt etc



thanks for all the feedback everyone ;)

here is another update of my progress to date. work has started on the taxiways and taxiway edges around the airport:

also, a big thank you to arno for his model converter program as without it, i would never have been able to do this project



i decided to completely remodel the control tower this week and i reworked the textures too to make them look better.
Here is the result:
This weeks update.

This week i got several items modeled including the train station near the airport, the large fuel containers to the north of the airport and work also started on the terminal building itself.

Pictures to show progress:





Thanks for letting us in 'at the ground floor', so to speak - progress and, more particularly, attention to detail, looks great. Looking forward to more updates!

Cheers - Dai. :cool:
Weekly update:

Progress was slow this week as creating good quality textures for some objects took up a large portion of my time. However, i did get several buildings modeled including an industrial area to the north of the airport and also the Clare House bulding to the east of the airport.

I also created several cars to add to car parks around the airport. I am happy to say that each car has only 32 polys! :eek:
This means i can place plenty of cars around the airport without any noticeable frame rate decrease :D





Quick update on this weeks progress:

I got the IKEA shopping centre + multi storey car park (near the airport terminal) and more of the industrial park modelled this week.




Also if anyone has any pictures of the airport that they would like to share, please dont hesitate to contact me ;)