EHAM Westerly Operations

My final config, I've opened both ends 18L for take off and 18R for landing in addition to the originals runways. so hopefully all should be good...we hope!

I would suggest getting to learn the workings of the normal Xwind technique first,
EHAM is not the best airport to be your first project to learn from, may i suggest you pick a 2 runway airport to practice on and understand what you are achieving before moving onto the "Advanced" technique
what you are doing with the Advanced technique is turning the other runways 180 degrees when passing 180,
Sadly Jim is not with us anymore to give you a better description and help, but his tutorial is.................................
Hi Ray, Westerly OPS working just fine now, using this config
Departing : 24 18L
Arriving: 27 22 18R
running for 2hrs+
Only had one landing on 18L, so not bad I think for that time frame


Going to have a go at setting up up Easterly OPS, using the same theory

Departing : 09 36C
Arriving : 06 36R

Again many thanks for your help