FSXA Engine sound volume according to open or closed door (canopy)...

Hello everybody,

The question is in the title: is there a way through xml gauge to configure the sound volume of an engine or a reactor depending on the opening or closing of the canopy of the aircraft? I tried to use the gauge of our friend Doug Dauwson that works great for specific sounds, but not for the sound volume of the engine produced by FSX (sound.cfg).

Many thanks in advance for your help!

Hi Maryadi,

Yes, but... it is the engine sound which I want to decrease the intensity when the canopy is closed ... In these conditions it would be necessary, with Doug Dauwson sound gauge, to recreate dozens of sounds to "stick" to the engine speed! It is a possibility, but it becomes quite complicated!

Would there be another solution?


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The engine sounds use the internal sound engine of the sim exclusively. There are separate sound files for the external and internal engine noises. What you seek to do is to have the external sounds played when the cabin door or a vent window is opened.

If anyone has found a way to accomplish this using the native sound system, I'm not aware of it...
as Bill explain, use external noise sound engine, internal sound as base (no change). put something general noise external of the engine. when door open, turn on the noise. you can use engine rpm as extra condition for specific sound.
if you have and need more realistic, it need effort to achieve that. no shortcut but achievement is another level.
Thank you Bill and Maryadi!

If even Bill does not know, .... who would be? I have my answer and thank you ...! I will try the effort of creating engine sound based on the RPM and use it with the Doug's gauge ...

My friendships,
have a look in the Aerosoft huey X external sound.cfg
they have noising doors conected to xml programing maybe this will help you a bit further on how to get the sound played
Check this video right at the beginning you can see and hear the open door sound wich is conected to xml
give it a like and a follow
its my Video :)

Bill is right...! But..., but with a meticulous and long work ... (!), it seems that I will be able to realize this sound of my reactor, modulated according to the percentage of opening of the canopy...! Thanks to Doug's gauge...