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FSXA Engines sound when all engines are down

Hi gyus,

I have a question about such abnormal FSX functioning:

1. Initially i have a cockpit view

2. I shutting down all engines and apu
Sound of running engines disappears at current view (cockpit) and i hear an airport environment sound only

3. I switching a view to exterior camera (using F11)
The loud sound of running engines presents at exterior view and does not disappear:eek:

4. I switching a view back to cockpit camera (using F9)
The loud sound of running engines now appeared at cockpit view too

This occures in very most (but not all) cases, mainly for jetcrafts. In local offline session and in network sessions too.

The second issue is that when i saving my offline flight with lights and apu turned on, and when i loading this file - the lights and apu are turned off.

Is it normal or it is abnormal for FSXA?:confused: What to do to eliminate this abnormality?

Thank you
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There does seem to be a bug in FSX with this. I've found that pressing Q twice to mute and un-mute the sound sometimes cures it temporarily. As far as I know, there's no permanent solution.



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It is, as Si said, a bug in the FSX sound engine...

It's particularly annoying because I typically leave FSX running 24/7 for weeks on end, especially when testing out a new aircraft/gauge/panel system...

I like to "stress test" my code and/or scripts to ensure there's no memory leaks or other defects prior to release. :cool:
I've also had ground contact sounds persist long after the aircraft's stopped moving. So it looks like it's more widespread than just the engine sounds. Just one more thing we'll have to learn to live with...